Container Wholesalers sells all sizes and types of new and used ocean cargo storage containers, all at wholesale prices.  We also buy containers from private parties like you and sell them at even lower prices.  In addition, Container Wholesalers offers a 50% buy-back option to our customers at no charge for every container we sell.  A wide array of high quality modifications such as new paint, roll-up doors, vents, electrical packages, and many more are available.  Though a tilt-bed delivery is most common, we also provide various truck & trailer sizes along with other delivery equipment such as a forklift for the tight difficult spots to place your container.   We also offer relocation of your container, and with other specialized trucking equipment, we can even relocate your container when its loaded.  We have been in the industry since 1989 and have acquired plenty of experience and know how.  Please give us a call, compare our prices, and see for yourself.

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